Interview: Max Brown

From the interview archives.

Max Brown is known for roles in dramatic series like Hollyoaks, The Tudors, and Spooks, and most recently as Prince Robert Henstridge in The Royals. VULKAN caught up with Max to discuss his role on the series and what fans can expect going forward. 

What was your first impression of Robert Henstridge when you first read about him?

That he was someone who was still struggling to accept his fate and obligations. 

How has that changed?

He has now become king and he’s trying to put all his grooming and training into action. Whether he’s ready or not, this is his moment to run the monarchy and he doesn’t like to show weakness. 

In what way are you least like Robert?

Robert is a master manipulator and I don’t play games.

We suspect we’ll see many challenges arise with Robert and Liam this season. How would you describe their relationship currently?

Robert and Liam didn’t end on great terms at the end of Season 3 and not a lot has changed. Liam is still searching for answers and blames Robert for his father’s death. These issues will definitely come to a head throughout the course of the season. 

What is the feeling like going into season 4’s premier compared to season 1’s premier?

We have a fantastic group of fans called the “Loyals” all around the world and they’re so passionate about the show. The show is getting stronger and stronger and we’re all excited for the fans to watch Season 4!

If you could see Robert make one realization or development going forward, what do you hope that is?

That he doesn’t need to bare all the responsibility on his own shoulders. A problem shared is a problem halved right?  

Do you think you could handle with the pressures of being a King?

The public appearances alone would drive me insane, so no. I take my hat off to our sovereign Lady.

What’s one thing you have learned from your castmates through this experience?

I joined the show in Season Three so they were very welcoming and showed me the ropes.

Reflecting on your career thus far, what is one character you wish you could have had more time to develop and what is it about them that intrigues you?

When I played Dimitri Levendis in “Spooks” (aka “MI5”). He was an ex-SBS soldier who was a complex character and carried a lot of emotional baggage when he joined the team, and I would have liked to explore that more, but I sadly joined towards the end of the show.

What is one goal you’ve set for yourself this year?

To write something, but actually do it!

If you could select the location of your next filming location, where do you go and why?

I love that aspect of what I do and I’ve been lucky enough to work all over the world. There is something that may take me to Papa New Guinea to film in the near future which would be incredible. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from a fellow actor and why was it so noteworthy?

I have received lots of great advice over the years from my peers, but one that definitely helped me develop as an actor was to watch my own performance. This allows you to accept your choices/performance and helps you to recognize your stronger aspects and what you still need to work on.

When you vacation are you more inclined to lounge out on a beach all week or are you going on excursions and ziplining through the trees?

I feel I’m quite a balanced person, so I like to partake in extreme activities, and then spend the rest of the day relaxing. Although, now that I have children, that’s easier said than done. It’s more about introducing them to experiences. Like re-living your own childhood through their eyes. It’s the best!

Anything else upcoming that we should keep an ear out for?

“That Good Night,” the movie I made with the late Sir John Hurt hits cinemas May 11th. 

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