Jaimee Eat World Release: Dizzy

It’s been a few weeks since my last cover song release – I didn’t really plan to take as much time between covers as I did but I was a little preoccupied with a couple other projects plus a busy day-job just generally sucking the life out of me.

Today’s release is a full-band & then some production of “Dizzy”.

As always, be sure to listen to Jimmy Eat World’s original recording first:

I’ve always felt that the band’s album-ender songs are often the strongest tracks on their records – they’re really do know how to save the best for last. For that reason I’ve found myself avoiding them a little bit – I know they can’t be topped.

But I’m pretty stoked on how Dizzy turned out. It’s the first cover song where I’m playing piano and string arrangements on top of my usual guitars/bass/drumming and I was apprehensive about that too, at first.

Those additional elements (strings/piano) on Jimmy Eat World’s original recordings really make all the difference and are what makes these tracks pop as well as they do. It’s something that I from a producer standpoint have always been keen to include in my own arrangements – but this is my first time really trying to play them myself (it’s seriously incredible when you have talented string players at your disposal and can just be like, “lift this chorus up for me” and they just do it so effortlessly).

I’m not going to dive into the lyrics on this post, because I know I’ll be revisiting Dizzy in the future from an acoustic/more stripped down perspective in the future, but I’d really like to share it with ya now.

I just want to also touch super quick on the fact that I didn’t do any livestream recordings for this one. That was partially because of the whole being super-mad-busy the last few weeks, but the USB-C jack on my iPhone has also turned to absolute garbage and barely holds a cable, which is how I’ve been delivering the streams for you til now. So, there might not be any of those for a little bit – sorry, if you were one of the people that would watch them. I’m working on a new & improved way to do the streams, likely on Twitch, but I’ll get to that in due time.

Anyway, enough typing. Here’s Dizzy!

Just heard that Jimmy Eat World’s show in Rhode Island has been postponed tonight. Sucky! Feel better Jim.

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