Jaimee Eat World Release: Cut

Today’s a super exciting release day because it’s the first in the new format, which is actually the original format idea it just took a little longer than I anticipated to get myself to this point where I sort of was able to get myself and this project organized.

Earlier this week I began the tracking for “Cut” off of the Invented record but I also made a few appearances on Instagram Live to show you as much of the production taking place as possible. Only as of today though do I feel confident continuing with this direction of things after having ironed out some of the kinks, dealt with the signal flow issues I was having and reviewed the videos to make sure that you can actually on some level hear what’s going on with reasonable clarity.

If you caught the livestreams this week and enjoyed them, great! I’m happy to hear that. If you missed them, they’ve all been posted to the Jaimee Eat World instagram page which is just @jaimeeeatworld.

I’ll continue doing this for all the covers going forward; they should get a little better the more I do them as I get more comfortable with doing them.

You’re welcomed and encouraged to ask questions or make suggestions during the livestreams, too!

The only thing I can’t guarantee is when any of these will actually go down, so just be sure you’re following the Jaimee Eat World IG page and if you see I’m live, that’s probably what I’m doing.

Okay, now that the housekeeping is out of the way…

Give Jimmy Eat World’s original recording of “Cut” a quick spin:

Jimmy Eat World – “Cut”

And now, here’s mine:

Jaimee Eat World – “Cut”

Because of the new method of showing you how I put all these together, these blogs will continue to focus primarily on digging into the lyrics and less-so about what I did and why I did it when recreating the track, because all of that is available on the recordings now with as much detail as I can offer you, right down to what plug-ins I threw on the final mix.

Just in brief, when I decided to jump into “Cut” this week it’s because something in the lyrics stood out to me. When I began to fiddle with it, I fell into a much looser strumming rhythm than the band plays on their recording which comparatively is much more rigid. I also wanted to keep it more of an acoustic-based track but I knew that I’d want to ramp it up into the final chorus with some heavier electric guitars. I also decided to omit a bridge/interlude like the band did, instead feeling that this song could do with some sort of guitar solo.

All of that set the tone for what my cover became as the week progressed. Hope ya dig it!

Now, about those lyrics…

There’s a pathway I take regularly from my subdivision into a much richer Estate community that’s the shortest route for me to take to get into the conservation park nearby that I like to walk the trails in. Most of the houses in this Estate community are enormous, but one of them was taken down recently. I took this picture of its backyard (or what’s left of it). This is an old greenhouse and the fallen columns you see here I imagine once surrounded a pretty magnificent looking terrace area. Also caught some deer hanging out here recently.

Cut’s another one of those funny songs to me that manages to leave itself completely open to interpretation, almost weaving in an out of two perspectives. It almost feels like it should’ve been a duet with someone else handling the choruses and the other handling the verses, and only now as I type this am I wondering what that might sound like.

Looking at the lyrics with a more literal lens it sounds as though our writer’s made it through some significant hardship at the hands of someone that they once cared very strongly about, but having made it out of this proverbial hole, they’re looking back on the experience and presumably relationship with the realization that they don’t want to go through it again.

In verse two we begin to understand that this experience and person was unexpected, as they just sort of “happened” upon them. And for whatever reason this chance happening was enough to spark enough intrigue in our writer that they stuck around to see how it would play out – a decision they’d come not necessarily to regret but again, through clearer eyes, know isn’t the best place for them to remain.

Now, why they’re suggesting that they’re the ones that are “no good” anymore, is up to anyones opinion – but I can say that I’m all to familiar with shouldering the blame for an experience or taking the hit for an argument just to make it go away, and in my mind that’s exactly what’s happening here.

This is a great chorus because it really and truly sets a stage for the listener and allows them to place themselves firmly in the footing of the writer. Taking it slightly out of the literal context, what I interpret this chorus as is: if this was your moment in time, the moment you realize what you’re truly here for and the world turned to you now to give you that spotlight, you’d be hanging on for dear life, literally clutching the floor so that you don’t fall down from the pressure, the experience, the insurmountable bewilderment it would have you feeling. What this is for each person is different but for the sake of this song we can route it in love.

And our writer here, having already experienced this same incredible moment in time would have you know that they’d been waiting for you to have your shot at the stage, know that you deserve it, and that it’s worth trusting in and waiting for all the pieces to fall firmly into place as it did for them.

As a bit of an aside although this’ll likely come up again in time: It was years and years into me being a listener of Jimmy Eat World to hearing any of these songs with any sort of religious context given that I’ve not been one to practice any faith for quite some time now, but this song is a perfect example of where they blur those lines and I think it’s a concept they’re very drawn to but prefer to address in a more abstract way. I imagine some of this is subconscious having grown up in Arizona and given the communities there are touted as being very faith-based, but I’ve never been so I can’t say that with any certainty.

Nonetheless when you reach these moments in your life, these ones that seem to predate big changes and you look back on with a certain level of clarity about an experience or exchange you’ve had, you tend to spend a considerable amount of time pursuing how you found yourself in the situation to begin with – checking the baggage that you’ve brought and determining what you’re going to take with you the rest of the way. In this case, if we’re looking at “Cut” as a relationship that’s gone bad, the baggage we’re not taking with us is our former partner or, parts of ourselves that we no longer want to be part of what makes up our own character or what we showcase to others.

I love this ending because it’s such a simple sentiment and yet of course, it’s the sharpest cut in the entire track, where no amount of love or fondness for this person is enough to keep the fire alive and it’s time to let go.

Unfortunately this sentiment is one I’ve become all too familiar with in the last couple years in particular and have regularly found myself battling the pros and cons and ultimately decided to cut ties instead of continuing along with certain merry-go-rounds and I’ve reached a point with them where it’s almost too easy to do it. Of course, then you’re left by yourself and that has its own consequences, so I’m not sure which route is necessarily the better of the two to take, but we’ll keep walking this road and see where it leads us.

What’s Next?

I’m going to do a quick update blog post and probably a quick update video explaining the new format of live-streaming these covers & otherwise we’re going to keep carrying on with the project! I’m pretty excited about being able to better show you guys how I’m putting these together and hopefully it makes the entire experience a little more enjoyable.

I’ve lightly penciled in “Clarity” as being the next album to listen through for next weeks mix, so hopefully I come to a decision on that soon! Otherwise maybe you’ll get a cover of “Firestarter”, I don’t know.

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