New Music Release: We’re In It Together by Rich Aucoin ft. 99 choir vocalists including.. me!

Super hype to share this track with everyone today. A few months back Canadian artist Rich Aucoin put out a call for vocalists to feature as part of the choir on a new song he was working on and I jumped at the opportunity.

I was extra stoked when he got back to me some days later with the track and what they needed from me, so I put together my part that same week and fired it back.

Now, it’s here!

From Rich’s Instagram: “The song also features Planet Booty’s Dylan, Dr. Sung on talk box, Phobos on guitar and Brian Wecht on sax” and is co-produced by Joel Waddell, mixed by Howie Beck and mastered by Noah Mintz.

And of course, let’s give it up for the choir:

Evan McIntyre, Liam Hiffereman, Ciele, Derek Thibault, Dean Povinsky, Tanya Boudreau, Apryll Aileen, Juliana Colwell, Nikkie Gallant, Geoff Livingston, Cory Bishop, Ryan Lukeman, Steph Cooper, Suzy Foster, Julia Steele, Matt Steele, Katherine Fountain, Brett Matthews, Benny Fong, Ian Macmillan, Jason Pilling, Jean Paul De-Roover, Lana Grant, Sara Hamilton, Ross Kinney, Gina Kalimi, Boulevard Barbegs, Andrew Weiss, Leigh Brown, Natalya Watson, Tim Green, Ryan Rowe, Michelle Calder, Sorcerer Avery, Jodie Walraven, Emily Smith, Angel Singer, Nicholas Kloor, Caralee Murphy, Andrew Gadek, Alexandra Porter, Josh Horner, Jamileh Shaffaf, Jaimee Jakobczak (that’s me!), Laura Rae, Lyla Rothschild, Matthew Blackshaw, Cecilia Jennings, Katie Buckley, Peter Buckley, Rain Valkyria, Kevin Kralik, Gavin Peterson, Connor Beck, Ron Bass, Jai, Jason Vautour, Courtney Lunn, Laurie Brown, Shiro Iridia, Stephanie Weber-Biron, Sven Britt, Tiny Tuba, Tori Nixon, Babis Roussinos, Jochem Wessel, Struan Sutherland, Connor Marghetis, Katie Kuhlmann, Sam Hamloh, Chris Carlier, Michael Morlaine, Leah Harder, Dragon Puff17, Christopher Blades, Robert Zerweck, Steph Chreifi, Sean MacGilivary, Daniel Rosales, Joe Diaco, Sam Lohtander, Nathan Pilon, Tyler Slipp, Sara Frazier, Mya Cole, Todd Sinkowich, Lyssa Cyndonia, Poingly, Michael Wynn, Erin McKay, Rob Chapman, Ted Evans, Nobu Adilman, Dorice Tepley, Pete Macdonald, TWRP, Planet Booty, Brain Becht.

Thanks very much to Rich and everyone involved for allowing people like myself to hop on & I hope everyone digs the track as much as I do!

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