From The Vault circa 2006. Go ahead and send a hurricaneThrough what remains of meCan’t begin to overwhelmEverything clouded by debrisHammer down the picket fenceIt won’t make it through the nightThese bomb shelters can’t protectWhat we never let inside Steady nowStabilizeOn the groundTil it subsidesHold your focusSmile wideSuch a pretty girlSuch captivating eyes At the very least a devastating shock waveTo blow the roof right … Continue reading Shelter


From the Vault, circa 2006 or so. I remember being heavily into Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin when I wrote this one, so if you’re trying to heard that one, think the SoCo “North” record. And if you haven’t heard that one, check it out, it’s arguably one of the best of its genre – I’ll drop a link below the lyrics. Not long after … Continue reading Terminal

Twenty Below

From the Vault, edited slightly before posting. Originally dated sometime in 2006 or so. Winter’s not so badWhen the snow lands on rooftopsAnd the ice begins to bindLocking everything downBut for a moment, the world is stillNot that those houses have legsBut boy, those walls sure could talkCould’ve fooled me anyway It’s twenty below and I’m dying of heatMust be all that hot air escaping … Continue reading Twenty Below

Rabbit Bay

The cool air acts as a net, wrapping the trees in its hollow embraceThe dewey fog resting quietly over the lake,protecting the creatures below while they sleepThe distance becoming even more distant – hidden,in plain sightThe water lays still, invitinglybut just a drop of it is enough to send a chill up your spineA line sinks into the waterLost to the thick algae beneathThe tiny hairs … Continue reading Rabbit Bay

These Walls

If these walls could talk, surely, they’d screamSo loud that this whole house would shakeAnd there I’d sit,restlessly, anxiouslyOn the bed I’d grown into and out of,Under the same frames holding the same pictures that have faded from each days protruding sunlight This room where I spent so many nights laying awakeDesperately searching for some semblance of worthiness, of purpose,Watching the cracks inch from floor to … Continue reading These Walls

Funeral For A Friend

Tonight I sit in the loneliest of all roomsIt’s full of colour and pictures of a happy childhoodThe light comes in from three big windowsand I can see kids riding their bikes on the streetSo happy, so naiveWhen I close my eyes I can feel it.I want to feel it.Make me blind. Tonight I stand on the tallest of all bridgesThe cities alive in the … Continue reading Funeral For A Friend