I left them sat atop a bookshelfA set of tapes freshly woundStories convolutedAnd too long to simply write about No clear order to be foundNone more worthy of a crown As I set the final in its placeI felt my heart rip out my chestThrough the shelves and into the spinesOf the text below where it were to rest In the walls that surroundRestless fists … Continue reading Tapes

Wishing Well

Echoing through the cavernsLike hieroglyphics etched into the wellsThrough the crevices that led me inAnd shut me outJust as quick A single drip of waterFrom each direction that it fellBlotched caricatures of a manSignalling smoke out for help Down comes another quarterIt’s wallet forever out of reachSmacking against the concreteIt spins a few feet in front of meUntil I see The reflection of the sunlightOffering … Continue reading Wishing Well


From The Vault circa 2006. Go ahead and send a hurricaneThrough what remains of meCan’t begin to overwhelmEverything clouded by debrisHammer down the picket fenceIt won’t make it through the nightThese bomb shelters can’t protectWhat we never let inside Steady nowStabilizeOn the groundTil it subsidesHold your focusSmile wideSuch a pretty girlSuch captivating eyes At the very least a devastating shock waveTo blow the roof right … Continue reading Shelter

True North

Hold a compassFind true northWispy clouds dull the starsWith only moonlight left to guideA gusty wind beckons the tide Invent constellationsYou and me inside,Dance and dineOur stories the lights that shineOur voices waves that mold the mountainsideThat carve the shelterFor the shipwrecked strangerGrown tired from pulling sails and dead anchor’s His tattered clothesThe ones she’d sewnA fond farewellFrom the golden coast Continue reading True North


Man this guy must think I’m so stupidHe lies without second thoughtsIt’s the only thing about him that’s consistentOther than how often he’s wrong Doesn’t get why she’s so tiredWorking multiple jobsThe bills come out of her accountHe buys Pilsner and PBR Lights go downPour it outA puppet showFor an eager crowdAround it spinsAn interactive gameOne foot outNo escape She loves convenient truthsCan’t fail what … Continue reading Puppets


From the Vault, circa 2006 or so. I remember being heavily into Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin when I wrote this one, so if you’re trying to heard that one, think the SoCo “North” record. And if you haven’t heard that one, check it out, it’s arguably one of the best of its genre – I’ll drop a link below the lyrics. Not long after … Continue reading Terminal


They said I was sickAnd I’ve always been naiveTurns out it’s not me they seeJust the moments I succeed And I guess we define it differentlySame words, old dialect in a new sceneYears spent as an understudy with my own hands on the stringsWith multicoloured pens tucked into my shirt seamMoving slowly with the extras, Trying to match the mood swings You could say this isn’t … Continue reading Dialect

Stuffed Owls

I know I’ve walked these stairsOnce soft carpet, now bareStripped away the marks we madeSomething’s never change Window sill still in decayA two-step followed by an arm raiseBroken latch on the back gateBlueprints of reimagined fate And now the voices echo off the wallsRepeating stories you thought we forgotShoulder stretched from room to roomFingernails bled straight throughHolding out without reprieveAnother drawn out soliloquy An empty nest … Continue reading Stuffed Owls