Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

Today on The Treehouse we’re turning the spotlight onto singer-songwriter Selena Victoria from Toronto, Ontario. Selena recently released her latest single, “Golden Kiss” an upbeat entrancing pop song that we were pleased to chat with her about as well as get a look at some of her dream collaborations and a little insight into her songwriting process. Check out the official music and read on … Continue reading Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

Spotlight On: Sweezy and the Discopunk

The Treehouse Spotlight series returns with our featured interview with Sweezy of Toronto based two-piece alt-rock outfit Sweezy and the Discopunk. We were pleased to have the opportunity to listen to the band’s 4-track EP recently and pen some questions over. We chat a bit about Sweezy’s vocal influences, their dream producer Rick Rubin and we even dive a little into their favourite Pokemon because … Continue reading Spotlight On: Sweezy and the Discopunk

Spotlight On: Danielle Marie

Today on The Treehouse we’re turning the spotlight on 18 year old singer-songwriter Danielle Marie from the Philippines. Danielle began writing from a young age and recently released a new track called “Bloom”. In our interview, we talk about growing up in the Philippines, what inspires their writing and how they develop their ideas into songs. Listen to “Bloom” and then read on for our … Continue reading Spotlight On: Danielle Marie

Spotlight On: Nurdjana

This week I’m pleased to share with you new music from Dutch-Canadian singer-songwriter Nurdjana who recently released a new EP titled “Coming Home.” Coming Home is an emotional and evolutionary journey that takes you right into Nurdjana’s life as she works to rediscover herself and her identity, dealing with her immigration to Canada, losing her parents, becoming a mother, dealing with divorce and learning how … Continue reading Spotlight On: Nurdjana

Spotlight On: Woodsmoke

Today we’re turning the spotlight onto East Yorkshire-based filk-duo Woodsmoke. Woodsmoke recently released a digital reissue of their EP “Back To Nature” through IO Music Group and we penned some questions over to the guys about the record, the decision to reissue it and where you can catch them performing live. Where are you from?Hessle, just outside of Hull, East Yorkshire – England. “If I’d … Continue reading Spotlight On: Woodsmoke

Spotlight On: SpenDoe

Today we’re turning the spotlight over to California-based rapper SpenDoe who recently released a new single called “To The Top” and it’s a total vibe. In our interview we asked SpenDoe who the first rapper they got into, what attracted them to their style, some of the challenges they’ve faced collaborating with other artists and what you can expect in their upcoming releases.  Give “To … Continue reading Spotlight On: SpenDoe

Spotlight On: The Arkut Brothers

The Arkut Brothers are a country duo from Hull, U.K and they’ve recently released their debut single “Fine” which reinforces the necessity of taking care of your mental health. I was able to pen some questions over to the brothers to talk about how they came to begin writing together, who influences their music, and what inspired the new song.  Listen to “Fine” by The … Continue reading Spotlight On: The Arkut Brothers

Spotlight On: The Talking Tears

Today we’re throwing the spotlight on The Talking Tears, a one-man indie rock band by Jack Zenith out of Madison Wisconsin who’s latest release Eargasm hit the Bandcamp shelves on May 27th, 2022 (streaming everywhere else on June 1st). We get into their musical influences, which producer they really want to work with, the inspiration behind the album and a key phrase they keep in … Continue reading Spotlight On: The Talking Tears

Crooked Forest Interview: Bridge Magazine

I have a brand new interview up with the fine folks at Bridge Magazine. Check it out below! Afterwards, if you missed it, I recently released a brand new track called “Blister” which you can only stream here on my website. You can check that out over here: And Wayback Wednesday has made a triumphant return today with our first cover song selection of 2022 … Continue reading Crooked Forest Interview: Bridge Magazine

Spotlight On: Dawn Cadence

Right of the release of her debut single “!Warning Signs!” I got a chance to pick the brain of Montreal-based songwriter Dawn Cadence. Self-produced, Dawn’s music transcends genres, a soulful blending of jazz and rock inspired by 80’s pop. We talk about how Dawn put together the track, how she approaches her music and songwriting as a whole and dive into some of the artists … Continue reading Spotlight On: Dawn Cadence