Death Bus For Blondie’s “Asphalt Meadows” Now Streaming Everywhere

Happy “Asphalt Meadows” day! Death Cab For Cutie just released an acoustic alt of “Asphalt Meadows” and to celebrate, Death Bus For Blondie decided to go ahead and release her very-not-acoustic cover album of the same across all streaming platforms. Did they get permission? Unlikely. Will it get taken down eventually? “Only if we’re sued!” – Death Bus. Listen now wherever you stream stuff by … Continue reading Death Bus For Blondie’s “Asphalt Meadows” Now Streaming Everywhere

Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

Today on The Treehouse we’re turning the spotlight onto singer-songwriter Selena Victoria from Toronto, Ontario. Selena recently released her latest single, “Golden Kiss” an upbeat entrancing pop song that we were pleased to chat with her about as well as get a look at some of her dream collaborations and a little insight into her songwriting process. Check out the official music and read on … Continue reading Spotlight On: Selena Victoria

Jaimee Eat World Release: Please Say No

This week’s release is a pretty stripped down take. I was initially thinking I would just do a straight acoustic guitar cover, but after noodling around with some tones I settled in on this one that’s just lead guitar and acoustic rhythm and 1 lone vocal. Listen to Jimmy Eat World’s original recording first: And now here’s mine: I’ll admit I haven’t yet heard Jimmy … Continue reading Jaimee Eat World Release: Please Say No

Show Alert: Winterfolk Festival February 24-26th 2023

Friendly reminder that the 21st annual Winterfolk Blues & Roots festival kicks off tonight with PWYC livestream performances by Tannis Slimmon & Lewis Melville (8PM), Harpin’ Norm Lucien (8:40PM), Lynn Harrison (9:20PM) and David Essig (10PM). Get tickets to your prefered stream and check out the full weekend line-up here: And be sure to check out the wristbands for the festival which continues tomorrow … Continue reading Show Alert: Winterfolk Festival February 24-26th 2023

Static Unveiled – S2 E2: Hear You Me

This episode addresses depression and suicide so heads up if you’re not in the head space for it. Listen to the episode now on Spotify or read on for the official transcript below: Official Transcript: This week on Static Unveiled I’m revisiting Hear You Me. So far this cover is the one I’ve spent the most time with. It’s gone through a couple different iterations … Continue reading Static Unveiled – S2 E2: Hear You Me

Spotlight On: Sweezy and the Discopunk

The Treehouse Spotlight series returns with our featured interview with Sweezy of Toronto based two-piece alt-rock outfit Sweezy and the Discopunk. We were pleased to have the opportunity to listen to the band’s 4-track EP recently and pen some questions over. We chat a bit about Sweezy’s vocal influences, their dream producer Rick Rubin and we even dive a little into their favourite Pokemon because … Continue reading Spotlight On: Sweezy and the Discopunk

Let’s Not

Let’s not pretend it’s more than it isOr that it was greater forces by which we were ledLet’s not, let’s not Please don’t talk about me to your friendsReallocating whatever thread you’ve got leftPlease,Don’t I won’t admit how far it wentTo save you, I’m sure, further embarrassmentI won’t, you know I won’t Don’t twist my words to suit your needsHowever eloquently they falter out as … Continue reading Let’s Not


So I’m not who you thoughtOr maybe I wasIn either instanceIt seemsUnworthy of love At surface it’s nothingMerely a crushBut you been here beforeMe?Not even once I know not what you speakWhen you say a little’s enoughEver demandingMore than I’ve got I speak of ill-fated timeWithin the fabric of usAs though I must’ve been rightAnd that it came down to trustBut these roads that I … Continue reading Through